What’s Inside the SBR?

Samuel Butler Room

The Samuel Butler Room, located in the corner of First Court, is the hub of the SBR society. Here we host several social events throughout the year, as well serving port and sherry before and after BA table at Hall.

When not hosting events, the SBR is a very quiet, comfortable space to occupy, and graduates often meet here more casually to relax, read, or study.

Inside the SBR, in one of the rooms you can find a TV, with a wii, surrounded by sofas; a great space to watch movies or TV series with your peers. In the other large room there are more sofas with coffee tables, a selection of board games, a pool table, and, if you are musically gifted, a piano. There is also a small kitchen, with a kettle to make hot drinks and a range of glasses for drinks.

The SBR is available for all St John’s Graduates, and while we encourage its use for hosting, having a few drinks, or playing some games, we respectfully ask that graduates tidy up after themselves so everyone can enjoy it.