Events are announced via college e-mail and on our Facebook group.

BA Table
One of the key aspects of graduate-student life at St John’s is BA Table. This is when one of the three tables in hall is set aside for graduate students only, and it takes place every Tuesday and Friday during full term. Make sure you purchase your BA Table ticket online well in advance, since it often sells out. A key part of the social aspect of BA Table is the Sherry & Port offered in the SBR before and after hall. Tickets for BA Table are available only to graduate students, and can be purchased in the same manner as regular hall tickets.


Swaps are are inter-collegiate events. Throughout the year we are invited to dine in the halls of other Cambridge colleges, and in return we invite other graduate societies to come dine with us. Sometimes these events include subsequent parties. We also have swaps our sister college Balliol college in Oxford as well as Trinity College Dublin, Ghislieri College (Pavia, Italiy), and Uppsala University (Sweden).

Lightning Graduate Talks
The Lighting Graduate Talk series is designed to give Johnians a chance to share their research with other members of the college. It is also a great opportunity to really get a chance to learn about other fields of study and the wide variety of fascinating projects undertaken by the members of the SBR.
There is one talk each week before BA table on a Friday starting at 6:45 in the SBR. Each speaker gives a short, 15 minute presentation after which there is time for questions and discussion over a glass of port before dinner. Every speaker is also invited to attend Hall the evening of their talk with the compliments of the SBR as a thanks for presenting.

Throughout the year, the SBR hosts multiple parties: Halloween, St Patrick’s day, end-of-term parties, etc. Announcements are made via e-mail, on our Instagram, and on our Facebook group.