The Graduate Society of St John’s College

The Samuel Butler Room, or SBR, is the graduate society of St John’s College, Cambridge. It organises events and generally helps look after the 400 graduate students of St John’s, all of whom are automatically members. The society is named after the 19th-century writer and Johnian, Samuel Butler.The eponymous room is located in First Court, and is a comfortable and spacious area for graduates to relax in, containing multiple couches, a television, a pool table, various board games and a small kitchen.The SBR is run by a committee elected by the graduate students of St John’s: although if you are interested in getting involved the committee usually co-opts as many people who want to help out as it can each Michaelmas term.Although it may seem obvious to us all now for a college like St John’s to have a society dedicated to graduates the foundation of the SBR was not without difficulties – check out the early history of the SBR, featuring stakeouts, coffee and a pre-war Rolls Royce.